In 2020 the Victorian Government established a Student Excellence Program and requested all secondary colleges to appoint a High Ability Practice Leader.

Monbulk College has as one of its highest priorities, the encouragement and support of students in their commitment to the pursuit of excellence and the achievement of their potential in all endeavours, academic, physical, creative, cultural and community. This is reflected in the college values of Respect, Excellence and Responsibility.

The two programs offered by the Government are for students who have been recognised as working at a high level across one or more learning areas. These students come from all kinds of backgrounds and life experiences and we believe it is a fundamental right for all students to receive an education that is suited to their needs and abilities.

Our High Ability Practice Leader acts as a point of advice for our staff and students of high ability and liaises with parents and guardians as well as local schools in our area. Our High Ability Practice Leader coordinates the student involvement in the two programs offered by the Victorian Government.

The first of these two programs is the Victorian High Ability Program, which is a 10-week program for students in Years 7 and 8 for extension in Mathematics and English and is delivered using an online platform. At the conclusion of this 10-week program students will participate in a Masterclass with other like-minded students. The students who participate in this program have been chosen by the Department of Education and Monbulk College has had a number of students selected by the Department to be part of this exciting, stimulating and challenging program.

The second program for high ability students is the Victorian Enrichment and Challenge Series. This is where staff from the college are able to nominate and invite students from all year levels to participate in a range of wonderful enrichment programs across all learning areas.  At Monbulk College we have a number of our high ability students participating in these inspiring programs. These programs have been delivered by over 20 expert organisations who have partnered with the Department of Education.

Our current High Ability Practice Leader is Susan Kremer and can be contacted via email if you would like more information regarding the programs.

More details about the program can also be found on the Department’s website.

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