The first year in the Senior School, Year 10, is a year for students to identify their interests and strengths, take control of their learning, consolidate good study habits and consider future pathway possibilities. The Year 10 curriculum offers a diverse range of subjects, allowing students to undertake a general course of study or begin to specialise and gain valuable knowledge for their VCE studies.  

At Year 10, students study two year-long core subjects, English and Mathematics, along with elective subjects from the different learning areas. Students at this level complete six units per semester. Each unit is studied in greater depth, over four periods each week.

2021 Year 10: Pathways Information
2021 Year 10: Subject Summary Booklet

All students applying for 2021 Year 10 will need to complete the Pathways Planning Form. We have provided the form in both a Microsoft Word and PDF format.

Students can use Microsoft Word to complete the form, included as part of their Microsoft Office 365 services. Need to install Office on your device? Visit and login with your @schools email account. Visual step-by-step guides are available in your Compass News Feed, titled "Applications and Tools available during Remote Learning".

Please email the completed form via a parent or guardian email address to
This form is due by Monday, 5th October, 9:00am.

2021 Year 10: Pathways Planning FormMicrosoft Word Required
(Still having trouble? Download the PDF version instead.)

Year 10 Subjects


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