English (7 – 12)

Study of English is compulsory for all students Years 7 to 12, and the English score will constitute part of each student’s final Study Score in VCE, and Literacy in obtaining VCE VM.

At Years 7 to 10 students study three strands in English: Reading and Viewing, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and they are assessed according to Victorian Curriculum. For a number of years now, Monbulk College students have achieved above state average in our Reading results 7 to 10 for NAPLAN; and has a focus on growing and improving writing for all students.

In English, students will explore a range of texts including novels, plays, short stories, film, poetry and media texts. English Masters classes currently run for those students achieving at a high level to extend their skills in this area, which also allows more time for teachers to work one on one with the remaining students.

Skills that students develop in English are the use of correct English, writing with a specific purpose, using language effectively, comprehension, speaking and listening, analysis, imagination and creativity.

At VCE focuses on how English language is used to create meaning in written, spoken and multimodal texts of varying complexity. Year 11 is internally assessed and Year 12 has School Assessed Coursework and a final externally assessed exam.

The English Learning Area coordinates a Debating program for students 7 to 12; and encourages students to participate in both internal and external writing competitions. We inspire creativity by running writing workshops with visiting authors, live poetry performances and seeing theatre productions. We individualise learning by running Literature Circles in Years 7 and 8.

Literature (10 – 12)

Literature is offered in Years 10 to 12 for students interested in reading and analysing challenging texts.

In Year 10 students experience texts and activities that link to the outcomes in the VCE Study Design. This includes the study of a wide range of genres including poetry, novels, plays, short story, nonfiction, the comparing of film and written texts, criticism of other viewpoints and creative writing.

All students are required to study VCE English and they may opt to study Literature also. At the VCE level Literature focuses on the meaning derived from texts, the relationship between texts, the contexts in which texts are produced and read, and the experiences the reader brings to the texts. Reading practices include ideas and concerns in text, the test, the reader and their contexts. Exploring connections between texts, adaptations and transformation, creative responses to texts, literary perspective and close analysis. Students are also asked to respond personally and imaginatively to texts.

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