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There is a compulsory uniform that is expected to be worn at Monbulk College. The wearing of College uniform enhances identity in the wider community and engenders school pride.

The uniform is to be worn during College hours, while travelling to and from the College and when students are engaged in College activities outside school hours. The College is improving the ‘look’ of College uniform, reducing the variability and confusing aspects of what is expected to be worn to and from school each day.

The wearing of College Uniform is the responsibility of students and parents/guardians.

  • Full College Uniform must be worn to and from school each day.
  • Hair colour must be of a natural hair colour shade.

As of 2021, the College has transitioned to the “new” uniform components. Older uniform items will no longer be allowed to be worn.

  • The College-approved Charcoal Tailored/Active Pants are the only ‘pants option’ to be worn. Jeans, tracksuit pants, leggings or other non-uniform items are not to be worn.
  • All students must wear plain black, full leather shoes that are securely attached leather footwear to meet OHS requirements for all classes. Coloured runners are permitted be worn in PE classes only.
  • Hoodies, (Tops/Jumpers with a hood attached), leggings, jeans, chinos are not to be worn at all.
  • Dresses/shorts should be mid-thigh length at least.
  • Stockings/Tights or bike shorts are the only undergarments to be worn under dresses/skirts. Leggings are not permitted to be worn.
  • Socks must be plain black in colour, with no logos or other markings.
  • The College will provide a system for ensuring those students who breach the College rules on uniform, are tracked and dealt with appropriately.
  • Exemptions from the dress code may be applied for to the Principal on the grounds outlined in the School Policy Advisory Guide, which covers religious, cultural, disability and health requirements. Review of the Student Dress Code Policy is the responsibility of the School Council in consultation with the school community. See the School Policy and Advisory Guide.


For more information about our uniform at Monbulk College, please contact us.