Digital Devices for 2023

Monbulk College is committed to providing our students with the best access to learning technologies and online learning.

A Windows notebook or a Mac notebook are the only approved devices for use in the Year 7 program.

Monbulk College’s notebook program requires a device that will enable students to use it for at least 3 years, with increasing complexity of programs introduced at Year 9. As such, the minimum requirements are outlined below.

A device that does not meet these requirements may not be capable of supporting the range of software and other features required. This device would need to be replaced earlier than the 3 to 4 year anticipated life span.

All students will have access to a range of free software including Microsoft Office and the Adobe suite. Opportunities to install these will be provided early 2023.

Monbulk College recommends that all families purchase a device from our partner, Learning With Technologies. These devices are all selected based on the use and needs of students in a school setting.

Any families who may require financial assistance to purchase this are welcome to contact the No Interest Loan Scheme.

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Suggested minimum requirements

Note: Students are not permitted to charge their devices while in the classroom, so battery life is a significant consideration.

Windows PC

  • Processor – 3.0 GHz (4 core)
  • Memory – 8 GB
  • Display size – 13 inch (diagonal)
  • Run time (battery) – 8 hours
  • Power – USB-C power capable
  • Solid state drive – at least 256 GB
  • Appropriate dongles/connectors to access USB-A and HDMI (if required)
  • Maximum weight – 2.5kg
  • Sleeve and/or slimline case


  • Any MacBook model, 2020 or later
  • Memory – 8 GB
  • Solid state drive – at least 256GB
  • Appropriate dongles/connectors to access USB-A and HDMI (if required)
  • Sleeve and/or slimline case

For more information about our Digital Devices program at Monbulk College, please contact us.