The Humanities Learning Area aims to inform students about the past, the world in which we live, civics and economics, how we are governed, our legal system and what our future may hold.

It covers the broad areas of History, Geography and Civics & Economics. Students develop skills in inquiry based research, collecting evidence, discussion, observation, and evaluating evidence. Humanities subjects provide an avenue for students to think critically about information and evidence from a range of different perspectives. Students learn how to make judgements and evaluate evidence in response to their judgement.

In the Junior School (Years 7 – 9) all students undertake Humanities studies. During this time students in History undertake investigations of Ancient Civilisations such as Rome, Egypt and India, the Vikings, Life in the Middle Ages and an investigation of the history of Australia including Indigenous Australians and white settlement. They will also develop skills in using evidence and analysing source documents on the Frontier Wars.

In Geography students learn about endangered species, mapping, eco-tourism, landforms and urban growth to develop understanding about different environments and how human activity affects them, as well as learning about spatial concepts. . In Civics & Citizenship and Economics students learn about rules and law, different levels of government, running political campaigns, voting and the effects of economic decisions. This enables them to develop skills in resource allocation, understand the impact of government decisions and about economic sustainability and ethics.

In Senior School (Years 10 – 12) students have the opportunity to select which areas of Humanities they would like to study in more depth. Monbulk College offers the students in Year 10 the opportunity to study History, Geography and Money, Markets & the Law. At VCE the College offers 20th Century History, Revolutions, Business Management and Legal Studies. In these studies students are able to go on court excursions, visit Docklands Urban area, and undertake a Business Visit and investigation. Students have the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Museum in Year 11.

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