We are dedicated to providing a Mathematics curriculum that promotes engagement and excellence at all times.

All students are encouraged to explore and participate in opportunities to use their skills in different contexts, such as the Australian Mathematics Competition; a written competition which the college has gained excellent results in this competition with students scoring in the 100th percentile or high distinction level every year.

The college is also very proud of its partnership with the CSIRO and the Mathematicians In School’s Program. This national program supports long-term, professional partnerships between practising mathematicians and teachers across Australia.

Mathematics (7 – 10)

Mathematics provides students with access to important mathematical ideas, knowledge and skills that they will draw on in their personal and work lives. The curriculum also provides students, as lifelong learners, with the basis on which further study and research in mathematics and applications in many other fields are built.

Mathematicians study the following dimensions:

  1. Number and Algebra
  2. Measurement and Geometry
  3. Statistics and Probability

From nets that fold to form a cube with the added dilemma of an average, to equilateral triangles divided into smaller triangles using various ratios, the students apply their mathematical skills with gusto!

The curriculum is differentiated to provide support and extension through a range of activities tailored to the students’ abilities. This may involve completing standard questions, problem solving activities or project work based upon a theme. Students are encouraged to practice their arithmetic skills through the use of Mathletics both at the college and as part of their ongoing homework program. Students complete weekly MathsMate homework sheets along with other tasks to reinforce all dimensions.

As part of this curriculum the college runs the Monbulk Maths Masters. This program is an accelerated and enriched maths course aimed for students who demonstrate high mathematical academic skill beyond the current year level. Students are identified and invited to join the program based upon their academic success in a number of assessed tasks (exterior testing for example).

VCE Mathematics

At VCE, there a range of Mathematical pathways that students may follow; and courses that meet the needs of students and university entrance requirements.

Mathematics is the study of function and pattern in number, logic, space and structure, and of randomness, chance, variability and uncertainty in data and events. It is both a framework for thinking and a means of symbolic communication that is powerful, logical, concise and precise.

General Mathematics (Unit 1 & 2)

General Mathematics provides for different combinations of student interests and preparation for study of VCE Mathematics at the Unit 3 and 4 level. The areas of study for General Mathematics Unit 1 and Unit 2 are ‘Algebra and structure’, ‘Arithmetic and number’, ‘Discrete mathematics’, ‘Geometry, measurement and trigonometry’, ‘Graphs of linear and non-linear relations’ and ‘Statistics’.

Further Mathematics (Unit 3 & 4)

Further Mathematics consists of two areas of study, a compulsory Core area of study to be completed in Unit 3 and an Applications area of study to be completed in Unit 4. The Core comprises ‘Data analysis’ and ‘Recursion and financial modelling’. The Applications comprises two modules to be completed in their entirety, from a selection of four possible modules: ‘Matrices’, ‘Networks and decision mathematics’, ‘Geometry and measurement’ and ‘Graphs and relations’.

Mathematical Methods (Unit 1 to 4)

Mathematical Methods Units 1 and 2 provide an introductory study of simple elementary functions of a single real variable, algebra, calculus, probability and statistics and their applications in a variety of practical and theoretical contexts. They are designed as preparation for Mathematical Methods Units 3 and 4 and contain assumed knowledge and skills for these units.

Specialist Mathematics (Unit 1 to 4)

Specialist Mathematics provide a course of study for students who wish to undertake an in-depth study of mathematics, with an emphasis on concepts, skills and processes related to mathematical structure, modelling, problem solving and reasoning. This study has a focus on interest in the discipline of mathematics in its own right and investigation of a broad range of applications.

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