Moving from into the final two years of secondary school is an important step on your career pathway. Reflecting on possible careers and picking a pathway that will give you the maximum chance of reaching your goals is essential to giving yourself the best chances of your dream job. Resources such as the VCAT Year 10 Guide or Morrisby Report are resources that can help you research and reflect on possible options.

There are many possibilities for careers in your future. It is important that you look at pre-requisites for university courses in 2023, other requirements for tertiary study (including auditions, folios and admission tests) and alternate pathways when selecting subjects for VCE or another pathway. If you are unsure about your options you are always welcome to talk to the careers team.

An outline for the options available to 2021 Year 11 students can be found in the Pathways Information PowerPoint. More detail about all pathways and subjects is in the Pathways Booklet.
2021 Year 11: Pathways Information
2021 Year 11: Pathways Booklet

All students applying for 2021 Year 11 will need to complete the Pathways Planning Form.
2021 Year 11: Pathways Planning Form


Students who are considering a VCAL pathway will need to complete the Intermediate VCAL Application Form and atEAST Expression of Interest From.
2021 Intermediate VCAL Application Form
2021 atEAST Information
2021 atEAST Expression of Interest Form

Head Start

Head Start is an unscored VCE for students that are seeking completion of their VCE but would also like to commence an apprenticeship or traineeship through the support of a school based program.
2021 Head Start Information



The Arts

Health & Physical Education






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