Science prepares students for being scientifically literate citizens with an ability to critically analyse issues in society, technology and the environment.

At Monbulk College, Science is taught as a hands-on inquiry based subject. Theory is integrated with practical activities and student-driven investigations. The Victorian Curriculum outlines the six key concepts that frame learning in the Science including the Understanding strand, support key aspects of the Science Inquiry Skills strand and contribute to developing students’ appreciation of the nature of science.

Senior students can choose from a VCE studies in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology. They can also undertake Horticulture as a science option in Year 10. There is the opportunity for students to do these studies as accelerated studies a year ahead of their peers.

State of the art Science rooms incorporate two laboratories and an open-learning classroom. These are outfitted with modern science lab facilities including video conferencing equipment.

Our Science Staff includes specialist teachers who have contributed to their profession as authors and conference presenters. All VCE Science teachers network with local schools in the Dandenong Ranges and run joint revision sessions for students.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences are all studies in Year 7 to 9. Highlights from these year levels include:

Year 7

Separation Challenge, Moon watch Mission, Great Bean Race, Toy Design Project and Rocket ships.

Year 8

Rube Goldberg Design, kidney & chicken wing dissection, the smelly “digest it” simulation and an excursion to the Melbourne Museum.

Year 9

Heart dissections, radioactivity challenge, uncovering the wonders of our dynamic earth, thermodynamics and environmental exploration.

Year 10

Preparation for VCE studies and includes Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

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