The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a senior secondary qualification that has been designed to increase the pathways for young people in Years 11 and 12.

VCAL prepares students for further studies in vocational education and training, and for employment. VCAL provides individual learning programs based on each student’s interests and strengths and is focused on the practical application of work skills.

Who is eligible?

  • Students who wish to pursue a vocational pathway of learning.
  • Students involved in school based apprenticeships or traineeships
  • Students who wish to gain a senior school qualification whilst working and studying at TAFE.
  • Be a ‘Hands On’ learner
  • Students undertaking a TAFE program
  • Selected students with Learning Difficulties

To be successful in VCAL you must demonstrate that you can:

  • Organize time and work commitments
  • Be able to handle the responsibility of School, TAFE and Work all in a week
  • Meet deadlines
  • Travel independently on public transport
  • Accept responsibility for completion of documentation and paperwork
  • Work in teams and independently
  • Be prepared to do community work
  • Still be involved in the life of the college

What is in a VCAL Program?

The VCAL contains 4 Strands:

  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • Personal Development
  • Industry Specific Skill
  • Work related Skills

Each Strand has 3 Levels:

  • Foundation (which may be attained through selecting appropriate Year 10 electives)
  • Intermediate
  • Senior

Students are eligible to complete all three levels of VCAL however the staff at the college will suggest the most appropriate starting level.

Other Subjects

Students also have the opportunity to study:

  • Pathways to Work
  • Believe Discover Become
  • CFA
  • Horticulture


  • No tests or exams
  • Competency based learning
  • Lots of hand on activities
  • Projects to complete
  • Teachers must see demonstration of skills learned in each outcome


At the end of the first year the students would have had the opportunity to complete:

  • VCAA Foundation VCAL Certificate
  • White Card (Building & Construction)
  • Working with Children card (Health & Community Services)
  • RSA & Food Handling (Hospitality)
  • First Aid (Level 1 or 2)
  • Vocational Preparation Certificate 1
  • Modules of Attainment in Certificate II Public Safety (Fire fighting)

For more information about VCAL at Monbulk College, please contact us.