Principal’s Message 24.01.2023

Dear Parents/Carers/Students,

Welcome to all new and returning students. I trust that you are all enjoying the summer break and are starting to get ready for a fantastic year at Monbulk College.  Below is some important information to assist families with a smooth start to Term 1, 2023. As always, please continue to check Compass for additional information and updates.
First Day of School- Monday 30th January 2023
ALL STUDENTS return to school on Monday 30th January in 2023. We have planned a whole school assembly in the Gym period 1, followed by Year Level Assemblies (details for students on Compass).
Compass Update – Timetables
All students should now have access to finalised 2023 timetables via Compass. Please note, staffing for 2023 is still being finalised and changes will continue to occur.
New & Returning Staff – Welcome
Monbulk College welcomes the following new/returning staff for 2023:
Megan Seymour – Arts/Technology Teacher
Charlotte Wiltshire – Chemistry/Science Teacher
Jean Pierre Giuliani – Student Wellbeing Coordinator
Seb Hall – Humanities/Vocational Major Teacher
Dushani Dona – Maths/Science Teacher

Meenakshi Phogat – Numeracy Tutor
Brendan Phillips- Maths/Science Teacher
Yumiko Ugadawa – Japanese Assistant
Christi van Haaster – Literacy Tutor
Compass Events – Regular Checks
Please check Compass weekly to ensure events are not missed. Events requiring consent and/or payment will not be accepted after the cut-off date. 
Drop Off and Pick Up – Gymnasium Carpark ONLY
Please only us the Gym carpark to pick up and drop off students. The staff carpark should not be used unless permission has been granted.
Canteen – Cash or Card only
The canteen will not accept payment via apple or google pay on mobile phones. This is due to the statewide Mobile Phone Policy in schools. Students should bring cash or a debit card to purchase goods.
Buses – Bus Road Upgrade
Buses will line up along the length of the bus road in 2023. This will allow students to board buses immediately without waiting . The bus road upgrade is also scheduled to begin shortly. Please check Compass for updates.
Uniform Requirements – 2023
The College has a two uniform options for students. Students can choose to wear the Active Wardrobe, everyday, with any coloured runner. (No Converse or Vans skate shoes. Runners need to be supportive for PE and everyday wear)  The other option is the College Wardrobe which includes the dress, skirt and trouser options. Students can only wear this option on days when they do not have PE classes. Students in this option must wear black leather oxford style lace up shoes (No Converse or Vans skate shoes allowed). Please see the attached Uniform Infographic for more information.  This information is also in the College Planner.  Please contact the office if you would like to make a uniform appointment. The new black long sleeve and short sleeve tops as part of the Active Wear wardrobe are now available. Long Sleeve tops are not to be worn under short sleeve tops. Students out of uniform need to see their Team Leader before school to arrange ON LOAN uniform. Students out of uniform will receive a B4 detention.
Sub School Teams – Middle and Senior Years
This year we will be working in Sub School Teams to support our students and families.
Middle Years Team – Dean Burman ( Middle Years Sub School Leader)

  • Year 9 Team Leader – Michael Hyett
  • Year 8 Team Leader – Claire Mosely
  • Year 7 Team Leader – Eleanor Rockelmann

Senior Years Team – Che Gittus ( Senior Years Sub School Leader)

  • Year 12 Team Leader – Glenn Rockelmann
  • Year 11 Team Leader – Alex Stott
  • Year 10 Team Leader – Rebecca Noone

General Office – Open from Monday 23rd January
The General Office will be open from Monday 23rd January  if you have any questions to queries.