Principal’s Message 10.02.2023

Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,

I hope all students and their families have had a successful and positive start to the 2023 school school year at Monbulk College. We commenced the year with a whole school assembly conducted by our 2023 school captains – Ella MacInerney (Year 12), Molly Hooper (Year 12), Emma Benbow (Year 9) and Jasper Francis (Year 9).
My messages to all of the Monbulk College students were:

  • The college will focus on creating and developing our students as leaders of tomorrow with the skills required to succeed in their future pathways
  • Take on the many opportunities whilst at Monbulk College.  Be proud of what the school can offer and what you could do for the college.

We would ask all families to take the time to read the eNews on the the college website and Compass to ensure that they are aware of what is happening within the Monbulk College Community. Compass is regularly updated with important school information and the many activities taking place. 


  • Our organisational structures have been re-designed to better target our 2020 to 2024 Strategic Plan Goals –
    • Student Achievement – Improve learning outcomes for all students.
    • Student Engagement – Increase student empowerment as members of the learning community.
    • Student Wellbeing – Develop students as healthy, resilient, and connected members of the school community


  • Our Leadership Team structure has been re-designed to better target our 2020 to 2024 Strategic Plan as follows:
    • Fiona McNair – Assistant Principal – Oversees Middle School/Student Engagement & Wellbeing/Curriculum
    • Kevin Osborne – Assistant Principal – Oversees Senior School/Literacy/Numeracy/Student Engagement & Wellbeing
    • Dean Burman – Learning Specialist (Middle School) – Leading Data, Student Learning & Engagement and professional learning communities
    • Felicity Mills – Leading Teacher (Curriculum) – Leading Curriculum, Assessment & Reporting
    • Sandy Miller – Leading Teacher (Student Engagement) – Leading Monbulk Voice Agency & Leadership and School Wide Positive Behaviour Support
    • Che Gittus – Leading Teacher (Senior School) – Leading Pathways, Student Learning & Engagement
    • Sue Ditchfield – Learning Specialist (Numeracy) – Leading whole school numeracy, tutoring and professional learning communities
    • Chris Sutton – Learning Specialist (Literacy) – Leading whole school literacy, tutoring and professional learning communities


  • Our sub school team structure has been developed to better target our 2020 to 2024 Strategic Plan and to support our students and families as follows:
    • Middle Years Team – Dean Burman (Learning Specialist – Middle Years Sub School Leader)
      • Year 9 Team Leader – Michael Hyett
      • Year 8 Team Leader – Claire Mosely
      • Year 7 Team Leader – Eleanor Rockelmann
      • Year 7 Transitions – Daniel Mackney
    • Senior Years Team – Che Gittus (Leading Teacher – Senior Years Sub School Leader)
      • Year 12 Team Leader – Glenn Rockelmann
      • Year 11 Team Leader – Alex Stott
      • Year 10 Team Leader – Rebecca Noone


  • Our wellbeing team structure has been re-designed to better target our 2020 to 2024 Strategic Plan Goals as follows:
    • Jessica Smithett – Mental Health Practitioner
    • Jean Pierre (JP) Giuliani – Student Wellbeing Coordinator
    • Ally Backholer – Regional School Nurse
    • Emma Salaoras – AOD Counsellor


  • Monbulk College welcomes the following new/returning staff for 2023:
    • Megan Seymour – Arts/Technology Teacher
    • Charlotte Wiltshire – Chemistry/Science Teacher
    • Jean Pierre Giuliani – Student Wellbeing Coordinator
    • Seb Hall – Humanities/Vocational Major Teacher
    • Dushani Dona – Maths/Science Teacher
    • Brendan Phillips- Maths/Science Teacher
    • Yumiko Ugadawa – Japanese Assistant
    • Christi van Haaster – Literacy Tutor
    • Peter Marotta/Marina Job – Numeracy Tutors
    • Janine Pitts – Regional Headstart


  • The Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO 2.0) reflects the necessary stronger and more explicit focus on wellbeing and learning identifying them as co-drivers for school improvement. It sets out 5 core elements that together realise the goals of excellence and equity through developing the learning and wellbeing of every Victorian student. When integrated, these elements build a positive environment through strong relationships that enables all students to become:
    • happy, healthy, and resilient
    • successful lifelong learners
    • active, informed members of just and sustainable communities.
  • The 5 core elements that reflect the evidence of what makes the most difference to our student outcomes are:
    • Leadership – development of shared processes and actions by staff and students that build a positive school climate for learning and wellbeing
    • Teaching & Learning – responsive practices and curriculum programs through which students develop their knowledge, skills and capabilities
    • Assessment – use of evidence and data by school leaders and teachers to assess student learning growth, attainment and wellbeing capabilities to design and implement priorities for improvement
    • Engagement – relationships and actions that support student learning, participation and sense of belonging
    • Support & Resources – processes, products, services and partnerships that enable every student to strengthen their wellbeing capabilities and achieve the highest levels of learning growth
  • Monbulk College will be using FISO 2.0 to develop the 2023 Annual Implementation Plan to meet our three goals for student achievement, student engagement and student wellbeing.   Some of our targets are:
    • Improve benchmark growth for all students in reading writing and numeracy for Years 7 to 9
    • Improve VCE Mean study scores and percentages of scores above 37
    • Improve student attendance, student voice and agency
    • Improve sense of connectedness and resilience


  • Years 7 to 9 – We have introduced four (4) periods a week for Maths and English.  That is 4 hours a week dedicated to Maths and 4 hours a week dedicated to English.  Every student has access to the Masters program in their English and Maths classrooms.
  • Continuous reporting cycles – 6 cycles per year with two semester reports
  • Re-developing assessment structure with stronger links to the Victorian Curriculum


  • Every day counts at Monbulk College – Going to school every day is the single most important part of a child’s education. Students learn new things at school every day – missing school puts them behind.
  • We all want our students to get a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begin with students coming to school each and every day. Going to school more often can lead to better outcomes
  • Monbulk College has developed processes for checking attendance:
    • Teachers’ mark rolls every period
    • Automatic SMS to parents/guardians if a student has an unexplained absence for Period 1
    • Attendance Officer contacts home if a student has an unexplained absence
    • Year Level Leaders follow up on student absences
  • Parents are encouraged to access and update Compass with a non-attendance reason

We look forward to showcasing and enacting ‘Excellence, Respect, Responsibility’ in our classrooms, cocurricular programs, competitions, teaching and learning approaches, and presentations to year level and General Assemblies.

Mark Quinlan – College Principal