Great Debate

On Thursday 23rd June, a battle was held in the theatre. No traditional battle of brawn, this was a battle of wits over the topic ‘A House Point system should be introduced.’ This epic showdown was between our Monbulk College Debating Team and our extremely educated Teachers. Representing the teachers were: Mr Gestautas, Ms McNair and Ms Noone.

Don’t let the age fool you, the superstar students: Elizabeth Son, Jasper Francis and Emma Benbow, were armed and ready with speeches of substance, evidence and reasoned arguments. Ideas raised included leadership opportunities (with reference to our Strategic plan!), improved motivation and the chance to award points to students in all subjects, rather than just sport (like how Covid allowed Sport to continue, but not our Art industry). They spoke with poise, impressive levels of confidence and were able to rebut the opposing side with comments such as “Ms McNair, isn’t that what you have told us to do?”

The judges: Mr Mackney, College Captain Tahlia Heitmann and Year 12 student Max Fitzgerald, however, were bedazzled by the colourful props Ms McNair used, flawed by the sophistication of the words extrinsic vs intrinsic motivation continuously used by Psych teacher Mr G, and entertained through Ms Noone’s sly dig at the Wizarding World’s house enemies, to finally award the teachers the win.

Thank you to all that came and supported the event. It was truly a great debate.