Victorian Interschool Cycling Series: Round 1 – Individual Time Trial

On 12th November 2022, Toby (Year 9) and Oscar (Year 7) Watson represented Monbulk Secondary College in the Victorian Interschool Cycling Series.  This was round 1 and consisted of an individual time trial.

Oscar participated in the Junior Men’s division. The time trial was a distance of 8.8km.  Oscar finished 5th out of 48 competitors with a time of 14.23.56. 

Toby participated in the Senior Men’s division. This time trial was a distance of 13.2km. Toby finished 7th out of 57 competitors with a time of 20.48.29.

If anyone would like to do the math and work out their average speed, you will note they were both pretty darn fast. Well done boys! We look forward to Round 2.