School Council Representatives 2023-2025

Nominations for vacant College Council positions are now called
Nominate yourself… or Nominate someone else by submitting the required form to the General Office by 4 PM Wednesday 1st March 2023
. Forms are available at the General Office.

The timeline is as follows:

Monday 20 February 2023           Nominations open 

Wednesday 1st March 2023        Nominations close at 4:00pm

Wednesday 8th March 2023        Ballot papers distributed if election is necessary

Wednesday 15th March 2023      Ballot closes

Wednesday 22nd March 2023     Announcement of ballot results

Wednesday 29th March 2023     College Council Annual Reporting Meeting
Elections for College Council positions will take place during the next 4 weeks. Nomination forms are available below or from the General Office. Those elected will serve on College Council from 1 April 2023 until 31 March 2025.

The following College Council members complete their term of office on 31 March 2023:

Parent Members: Colin May and Lisa Paulin 

School Employee Members (staff): Glenn Rockelmann and Jenny Halkier 

Student Members: Caitlyn May

The College Council is constituted by:

Six parents (elected), five school employees (elected), two students (elected) and up to four community members.

Members of the College Council continuing in the second year of a two-year term in 2023 are:  Alexandra Gartrell, Naomi Nicholson, Bruno David, Rebecca Bos, Fiona McNair, Kevin Osborne and Spencer Bos. The Principal, Mark Quinlan, holds the position of Executive Officer.

Vacancies arising for 2023 are:

2 Parent representatives 

1 Student representatives and

2 School employee representatives.

In addition, up to four community members can be appointed. Community members may be co-opted when deemed appropriate by the College Council.